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Horsemanís Buddies Australian Cattle Dogs
Between the second and 15th week the most important imprint process for the new born puppies starts. In this period of time all puppies start to confront themselves actively with all kinds of surrounding impressions. During the first nine weeks when puppies grow up it is the breeder's task to socialize the baby dogs. They have to be confronted carefully with every day's life stimuli. When the puppies move to their new owners it is now their task to take over the function of the "socializer" and to move on with the baby cattle dog's education. We see it as our duty to advise and supervise future cattle dog owners, however, it is more than important for future owners to inform about the breed and its very special characteristic in advance so that every puppy gains a new home for a lifetime. Our puppies are born in our house and from the very first day of the lives onwards they get used to the diverse sounds and impressions of a big household. When the puppies are old enough and the weather allows a little trip into the garden or the yard, they also get further stimulating input from the environment they live in. Furthermore, we offer our puppies numerous toys like the "ball tub", water, logs und several different grounds. A "bad weather day" is often spent in front of the TV - together with the dogs. We also consider it to be very important that the puppies learn to have contact to people of different ages, either male and female, and to animals of any kind. Our puppies collect positive experiences before they move to their new homes, e. g. when they're transported by car or carried in a dog box. All these items together make the socialisation process complete and ensure a good start in their new homes.
Horseman’s Buddies A Boy Named Sue playing in the ball pit
A-puppies testing their power
Born to Run and Buffalo Soldier are meeting our stud Nelson
Horseman’s Buddies Born to Run gambling with the bottles
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