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Horsemanís Buddies Australian Cattle Dogs
The Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred by British settler in Australia, intended to drive cattle on huge treks through the Australian Outback. The name “heeler” illustrates how these dogs drive cattle: they bite the rear legs of the cattle to move them. The compact and tough cattle dogs are a very estimated breed even today. People know to appreciate their working abilities as well as their value for family life. Cattle dogs are really versatile dogs: you can find them in all kinds of dog  sports or as SAR dogs - the energy of the ACD is nearly inexhaustible. The least characteristic trait makes these dogs not only vigorous partners but also family members that are sometimes hard to please. You should always be aware of the fact that this breed was originally created to master hard work. Therefore it is more than important that these dogs are given a  consequent and thorough  training. These dogs are surely not “everybody’s dogs”, however, they are proud and loyal companions.
‘Bowie’ - Horseman’s Buddies Absolute Beginner - training frisbee with his owner Sandra.
‘Abby’ - Horseman’s Buddies Amazing Grace - puppy swimming group.
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