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Lefty DOB: 13. Mai 2010 size: 50 cm HD-good (=HD-A2/B1) ellbows-free, spine-free PRCD-PRA N (normal/clear) BAER-normal-full hearing scissors bite (missing the P1 at the bottom) eyes: clear DNA-profiled PLL-clear
Liberty DOB: 30. Juni 2011 size: 47 cm HD-A2 ellbows-free, spine-free PRCD-PRA N (normal/clear) BAER-normal-full hearing full dented scissors bite eyes: Kolobom Retina (mild) DNA-profiled
 Drywoods Liberty of Horseman Buddies
American Grand Champion Silver American Champion Canadian Champion Costa Rican Champion Serbian Champion Macedonian Champion Hungarian Champion Greek Champion BISS Canada 2014 Top ACD-Male in the USA 2014(!)
We are expecting puppies out of Liberty and Lefty for the end of June! When Studios Outlaw Tagalong moved from the USA to Italy last autumn we decited very fast to use this extraordinary male in our kennel one day. Lefty is in Italy for a breeding- and showing vacation. He’s living with Petra Schiavon who handled Nelsons’s daddy Smoke very successful before, too. In February we had the chance to meet Lefty when he traveld to Crufts. We were satisfied by his friendly and easy-going character. Lefty was the prospective partner for Libby now. Since the middle of May we know that we are expecting red and blue puppies. The list of Lefty’s show-wins is long, very long. At the moment he is Champion of 7 countries and holds the American Grand Champion Silver title. His International Champion will be finished soon. Lefty has won the Canadian Specialty 2013 as the Best of Breed and was top ACD-male in the USA 2014. But he has also a high potential as a working dog. He is Herding Instinct tested and also passed the Pre Trail Testing. Both dogs have excellent health-results and are typical for the Australian Cattle Dog in their body and structure. We are expecting promising, versatile ACD-puppies on wide genetic fundamentals. We hope for sporty, friendly Cattle Dogs with strong characters and extraordinary endowments for showing and breeding. Dogs which can be longliving partners on the  training field and in the everyday life, too. We are very proud of propaply the only Lefty-litter in Germany and want to thank Petra for her great cooperation and heartwarming welcome to Italy. If you are interested in a puppy out of this combination please contact us as soon as possible.
German Champion VDH German Champion ACDCD e.V. German Youth-Champion VDH German Youth-Champion ACDCD e.V.  
BISS Studios Outlaw Tagalong PT
Lefty winning the Canadian Specialty 2013 Lefty winning Best in Group (Judge: Carolyn Herbel) Lefty and his daughter Grand Champion 4 Legged Daddy's Girl Lefty and Liberty in Italy Lefty and Liberty in Italy
Lefty enjoys his holidays in Italy. He has found a great partner and friend in Petra.