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Horsemanís Buddies Australian Cattle Dogs
E - Litter
Pandee DOB: 6th August 2011 size: 45cm Hips: A2, Ellbows: free, Spine: no signs of DISH PRCD-PRA C (carrier) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: clear - May 2015 DNA-profiled PLL-free (paren’ts tested)
you can find more informationen about Pandee under ‘dogs’.
 German Youth Winner 2012 Winner Saarbrücken 2013 Saarland-Winner 2013
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Quincy winning the Specialty (BISS) in  Lauf a.d. Pegnitz with only 16months. Judge: Donna Soltau (Australia)
Quincy is a young, agile male with super friendly character and a heartwarming expression.
The siblings of Quincy are very successful in the USA and Canada, too.
Roadhouse Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Austlyn’s N Wallaroo’s Interceptor
German Champion VDH German Champion ACDCD e.V. German Youth-Champion VDH German Youth-Champion ACDCD e.V. Lauf a.d. Pegnitz (Best in Show) 2014
Horseman’s Buddies E-litter Our Horseman’s Buddies E-litter was born on the 14th June. Pandee has born five healthy and very active puppies on the 14th of May. Mother and children are doing fine. Pandee leaves the whelping box ony for short times . We are very satisfied. After our planned Czech male for Pandee’s second litter has died suddenly last winter we decited to mate her to Quincy this season. Quincy is living with Sara Herzlinger in Bruchköbel (close to Frankfurt). He’s coming from the northamerican-westcoast, bred by Austlyn’s Australian Cattle Dogs. We know Lynda’s dogs as very long living strong characters with a high working potential. The parent’s of our foundation-bitch Sally are out of Lynda’s breedings, too. The young Quincy improved hisself as a sire of promising litters already. He has excellent health-results. For the combination with Pandee (PRA-carrier) we have chosen a PRA-clear partner of course. So the puppies out of this litter will never suffer on the geneticly caused progressive retinal atrophy. Quincy wins over with his lovely, happy character and sporty structure. He stands for the modern type of the ACD and we are looking for an interesting litter with the originally Pandee. We are expecting promising, versatile ACD-puppies on wide genetic fundamentals. We hope for sporty, friendly Cattle Dogs with strong characters and endowments for work and sport as well as showing. Longliving dogs which can be partners on the training field and in the everyday life. If you are interested in a puppy out of this combination feel free to contact us. Visitors are, after a personal call, always welcome. This page will be updated constantly.
Quincy DOB: 22. April 2013 size: 49cm Hips: A1, Ellbows: free, Spine: no signs of DISH PRCD-PRA N (normal/clear) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: clear - December 2015 DNA-profiled PLL-free
Horseman’s Buddies Every Breath You Take Female - double masked - Blue Date of Birth: 14. June 2016 birth weight: 300 gram bilateral hearing    
Horseman’s Buddies Easy Livin’ Male - plaine faced - Blue Date of Birth: 14. June 2016 birth weight: 350 gram unilateral hearing
Horseman’s Buddies Eye of the Tiger Male - left masked, bodyspot - Blue Date of Birth: 14. June 2016 birth weight: 320 gram bilateral hearing  
Horseman’s Buddies Eternal Flame Female - plainfaced - Blue Date of Birth: 14. June 2016 birth weight: 285 gram unilateral hearing
Horseman’s Buddies Electric Rider Male - earpatch - Blue Date of Birth: 14. June 2016 birth weight: 310 gram bilateral hearing
Pandee is the mother of five healthy puppies now. The first girl was very big and not alive. After it Pandee was easy whelping. She and the babys are doing fine. We have 2 girls and 3 boys!
The babies have opened their eyes and moved into our large puppy-room. It was necessary a bit earlier than usual, but Liberty needed the whelping-box for her litter. In the meantime it is a bit warmer and the puppies are going outside for short sunbathings. Pandee is watching over her offspring.
The July has meant it well with the puppies. A lots of sunny days invited for playing in our garden. But even if the gras is smelling interesting and the reflection in our pond is impressing;  when mum asks for tussling all of them come!
More than 6 weeks are over and the characters are coming out. They were dewormed several times  and changed to dry food for the most of their meals. All puppies are healthy
Eight weeks can be over very fast. At the beginning of August they were nspected by our breed warden Andrea Kreusch. The puppies moved into their new homes now and we are looking with pleasant anticipation in their future. We hope to meet again soon!
With 8 weeks our puppies are grown to dogs already. We did first trips into forest & field.
still available