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Horsemanís Buddies Australian Cattle Dogs
D - Litter
Nelson DOB: 17th February 2012 Hips: B1, Ellbows: free PRCD-PRA N (normal) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: clear - 07.01.2014 Height: 46cm / 18,1 inch, Weight: 18 kg
Liberty WT: 30th June 2011 Hips: A2, Ellbows: free PRCD-PRA N (normal) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: Colobom Retina - clear - 25.08.2013 Height: 47 cm / 18,5 inches Weight: 18 kg
you can find more informationen about Liberty and Nelson under ‘dogs’.
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 Drywoods Liberty of Horseman Buddies
Danbar’s Nelson at Horseman’s Buddies
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Horseman’s Buddies Devil in a Sleeping Bag Male - double masked - Blue Date of Birth: 02. August 2014 birth weight: 153 gram -reserved- This little, cuddly soft boy is an  real eyecatcher. He is our first mottled-puppy and can’t deny his mothers ancestors.  
Horseman’s Buddies Drover’s Dream Female - left masked - Blue Date of Birth: 02. August 2014 birth weight: 272 gram -reserved- Not only the first at the feeding bowl. The self-proclaimed boss of the litter is game for everything.  
Horseman’s Buddies Don’t Give Up Female - double masked - Blue Date of Birth: 02. August 2014 birth weight: 251 gram Frida has developed beautiful and isn’t behind her siblings in any way. She is brave, playfull and  happy. The missing leg is handicaping her rarely.  She is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We wish to find a lovely new home for her.
We have puppies! Liberty has born 4 puppies on the 2nd of August. Saldy the last puppy wasn’t alive anymore. Mother and children are doing fine now. Liberty leaves the whelping box ony for short times and is growing into her motherhood more and more. We are expecting promising, versatile ACD-puppies on wide genetic fundamentals. We hope for sporty, friendly Cattle Dogs with strong characters and in middle size, which are longliving partners for the show-ring, the dog training field and the every life. We have 2 females and one male. One of the girls was born only with one foreleg. But she was full with energy and lust of life that we decided to raise her up. We are looking for a lovely home for her with people who take care of this little treasure. For sure she will not have any problems with her handicap later. This site will be constantly updated.
The puppies are 2 weeks old now.  The eyes are open and the whelping-box looks more and more active every day. The cuties are over the 1000g now. The first check by our breed warden was very positive also.
right: Liberty got the hang of lactating her puppies. One leg on the frame and the milk-bar is open..
Sadly the last days were very wet and our D’s had only rarely time to run in the gras. All the more they are enjoying the sunrays and the green garden. We are extra happy about the little blue girl with the 3 legs. She is exploring her enviroment like any other puppy. Just a bit faster tired. But can play with her siblings nearly like a 4legged. At the end of the week the puppies will move from the living room into their big puppy-room with much more space.
With nearly 6 weeks the first short trips are possible.  The D’s were at the field-margin and explored the early autumn colour and smell. All 3 are developing promising. They are frisky and healthy.
The D’s were BAER-tested on the 24th of September.  All puppies are bilateral full-hearing. On afternoon they were inspected by our breed warden Andrea Kreusch.   The puppies moved into their new homes now and we are looking with pleasant anticipation in their bright future.