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We have puppies! Pandee has born five healthy and very active puppies on the 14th of May. Mother and children are doing fine. Pandee leaves the whelping box ony for short times . We are very satisfied. We are expecting promising, versatile ACD-puppies on wide genetic fundamentals. We hope for sporty, friendly Cattle Dogs with strong characters and in middle size, which are longliving partners for the show-ring, the dog training field and the every life. If you are interested in a puppy out of this littler please contact us. Visitors are, after a personal call, always welcome. This site will be constantly updated.
Danbar’s Nelson at Horseman’s Buddies
Nelson DOB: 17th February 2012 Hips: B1, Ellbows: free PRCD-PRA N (normal) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: clear - 07.01.2014 Height: 46cm / 18,1 inch, Weight: 18 kg
Pandee WT: 6th August 2011 Hips: A2, Ellbows: free PRCD-PRA C (carrier) BAER-normal full dented scissors bite Eyes: clear - 12.07.2013 Height: 44 cm / 17,3 inches Weight: 15 kg
Horseman’s Buddies Country Boy Male - no markings - Blue Date of Birth: 14. Mai 2014 birth weight: 300 gram unilateral hearing Country Boy is like his daddy Nelson, not only his look. Now he is living with Fanny and Daniel in Gothenburg (Sweden) enjoying his growing-up as a king between princess.    
Horseman’s Buddies Child in Time Female - double masked - Blue Date of Birth: 14. Mai 2014 birth weight: 240 gram bilateral normal hearing The little girl is called Cathy now. She is living with Georg and his ladies in the Sauerland now. How great, they get education help by their old Cattle Dog bitch Idgi.
Horseman’s Buddies Cotton Eye Joe Male - double masked, tailspot - Blue Date of Birth: 14. Mai 2014 birth weight: 300 gram bilateral normal hearing Cotton Eye Joe is a true Rhineland-citizen now and is called  Jupp. He lives with  Nico and Markus in Düsseldorf and escorts her owner to work everyday.  
Horseman’s Buddies Callin' Baton Rouge Female - double masked, neckpatch. - Blue Date of Birth: 14. Mai 2014 birth weight: 326 gram bilateral normal hearing Skippy moved to the veterinarian Sandra who is living close to Mannheim. Later she will be trained to a rescue-dog.
you can find more informationen about Pandee and Nelson under ‘dogs’.
Pandee and her first five puppies. The whole whelping was done in 3 hours.
Horseman’s Buddies Cowboy Cadillac Female - left masked, right eyepatch. - Blue Date of Birth: 14. Mai 2014 birth weight: 235 gram bilateral normal hearing Caddy is living in the beautiful Rhön Mountains and enjoys her time with the kind ACD-male Paul.
 German Youth Winner 2012 Winner Saarbrücken 2013 Saarland-Winner 2013
Begleithundeprüfung (companion dog test)
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6. June 2014, we have used the warm weather today. The puppies were outside for their first time and enjoyed the green grass.
The puppies are the most of the day outside now. They enjoy the sun and the smell of summer. The last days they met their daddy Nelson for the first time. What a boy! He is beautiful with the puppies. Soft and calm.
More than 6 weeks are over and the characters are coming out. They got their 3rd deworming and changed to dry food for the most of their meals. All puppies are healthy!
Our C-litter is round about 5 weeks old now.  The little ones are very active and are exploring their puppy-playground.
 On the 9. July 2014 our C-litter was inspected by our breed warden Andrea Kreusch. The puppies moved into their new homes now and we are looking with pleasant anticipation in their future.